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About Us

We are a network of change management, digital design and technology, and business analysis experts that have come together to help organisations that help others.

A number of us started talking about the concept in 2009, when we saw that charities and not for profit organisations were struggling to implement change without relying on management consultancies and short-term expensive support to fill long-term gaps. We saw that their unique management structures and funding models,  meant that keeping a long-term view was challenging and ‘tactical approaches’ were often considered before strategic change.

We decided to build a network of people that share the ethos of charities and have built an understanding of how they work, through passion and through choice.

—How it works 

We do not do sales. We rely on word of mouth to point you in our direction, and, when it does, we’ll come in to talk through your unique challenges and see whether we know anyone that can help. The likelihood is we will, but if we don’t, we’ll reach out to the network and find someone that can. We rely heavily on honest feedback to keep improving, so throughout the engagement with one or more of the network, we’ll keep close and ensure we know what’s going well and what needs work.